Aluminium Canopy

The BOLT Aluminium Tool Box Canopy is a checkerplate series canopy that is fully sealed alloy canopy in 2.5mm checkerplate with 3 secure large doors. The roof has a carrying capacity of 150kg. It has a built in floor so it can easily bolt down to an existing tray floor and heavy duty seals around the doors to make it fully waterproof.

The BOLT Aluminium Tool Box Canopy just like all our canopies, there is a wide range of options available, in particular Windows, Roof Racks and various forms of ventilation, they also come with 6 BOLT Compression Locks that work with YOUR vehicle ignition key, which means no more carrying multiple keys to unlock your Canopy or Tool Boxes or other BOLT Lock Products. Check out the great options to make this great canopy just that little lit better.

All BOLT Aluminium Tool Box Canopies come with BOLT Lock Compression D-Ring Handles and once keyed, your canopy, drawers and tool boxes will only work with this one key, the BOLT Key or YOUR vehicle ignition key. Key Padlocks, Hitch Pin Locks, Trailer Locks, Bike and Ladder Cable Locks, to that same key, so you don't have any extra keys to carry around.

BOLT Aluminium Tool Box Canopy Features

  • Heavy Duty and Robust Canopy in a 2.5mm Alloy checkerplate,
  • External Measurements 1800mm X 1800mm X 860mm High,
  • Available in 1840cm, 2140cm or 2440cm lengths,
  • Around 3 Cubic Metres of Storage Space,
  • Fully enclosed unit with its own base, bolts down easy to existing tray floor,
  • Aerodynamic Design, Sides cut in at top to be inline with cab,
  • Fully Seam Welded and Internal box section welded in to make the canopy stronger,
  • 300kg Carrying capacity on the roof,
  • 100% Waterproof and dust resistant,
  • Water Run of channels, Doors can be used as working shelters,
  • Large Gull Wing Doors, With Heavy duty piano hinge system and BOLT Compression Locks that work with the BOLT Key or YOUR vehicle ignition key,
  • Heavy duty Gas struts assist door opening, with Twin BOLT Compression Locks on doors for added security,
  • Can be supplied with tray floor to bolt straight down to cab chassis or tub removal,
  • Australia Made,
  • 3 Year Structural Warranty,
  • Full Spare Parts Backup Service Australia wide.

Compatible Vehicles

The BOLT Aluminium Tool Box Canopy is compatible with the following vehicles and is compatible with YOUR vehicle ignition key.

Don't have a Compatible Vehicle Ignition Key?

These vehicles listed below are compatible with the BOLT Canopies but not with the ignition key, BOLT Lock Australia provides the key for the canopy which can be keyed to other BOLT Lock Products.


To get a quote for a canopy specific to your vehicle and needs, please follow the link below and you will be able to quote a complete canopy with all the options and additional extras you want to have on there or you can contact BOLT Lock Australia to find out more information.

CLICK HERE to obtain a quote on your new Custom Canopy with BOLT Lock Technology.



How BOLT Lock Works


Please select the Aluminium Tool Box Canopy for your vehicle and for the Isuzu Dmax, Mitsubishi Triton and VW Amarok, please see the BOLT Key Range, BOLT Lock Australia provides the key for these canopies which can be keyed to other BOLT Lock Products.

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