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Why replace locks every couple of years due to rusting, seizing, failure or breaking? Buy it once and don't worry about paying to replace it again.

BOLT Lock Range includes the Padlock, Hitch Pin Lock, Coupler Pin Lock, Security Cable Lock, Tool Box Paddle Latch Lock, Tool Box T Handle Lock, Cylinder Lock, Jeep Spare Tire Lock, Jeep Wrangler High Lift Jack Mount and Jeep Wrangler Bonnet Lock, please see BOLT Lock Product Range for more information.

  • Guaranteed for the LIFE of Your Vehicle
  • Guaranteed for the LIFE of Your Vehicle

Why use the BOLT Lock?

 Tough, the BOLT Lock is one of the toughest products on the market and is one of the hardest locks to break.
Highest Corrosion Resistance Rating, making the BOLT Lock products truly weather proof.
Double Ball Bearing Locking Mechanism for the best protection of accessories and tools.
Automotive Grade, stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture.
Won’t Damage Your Key, BOLT Lock is designed to withstand the roughest conditions but this doesn’t mean it will be rough on your keys.
Unpickable, the larger cylinders have a plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping.
Self-Keying, the BOLT Lock sets itself to your key when you unlock the BOLT Lock for the first time.
Master Key, all the BOLT Lock Products are able to be set with the one key, the BOLT Lock Master Key or Compatible Vehicle Ignition Key.
Limited Life-Time Warranty and is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.
Nation Wide Warranty which is supported by BOLT Lock Australia.

How the BOLT Self-Keying Master Lock Works?

How BOLT Lock Works

Simply insert the BOLT Lock Master Key or Compatible Vehicle Ignition Key into the BOLT Lock, turn it once and the lock Mechanically and Permanently Learns the Key code. Set any number of locks to the 1 key or have different keys, for different locks.

CLICK HERE to view a short video about How the BOLT Lock Self-Keying Master Lock Works.
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How BOLT Lock Works

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Jeep Wrangler Bonnet Lock

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Cable LockJeep Wrangler Bonnet LockJeep Wrangler High Lift Jack Mount

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