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BOLT Ute Canopy

BOLT Lock has joined with Monster Hook to provide our “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” on a new swivel hook produced in conjunction with Monster Hook. Swivel hooks produced by Monster Hook are already sturdy due to being crafted from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, but the BOLT Lock technology will bring added security by supplying a lock specifically programmed to the vehicle’s ignition key.

Recovery hooks are an important accessory for pickup trucks, SUVs and Jeeps®. Monster Hooks swivel hooks are designed to be 99-percent faster than other ¾-inch pin shackle hooks due to the latching mechanism rather than the standard method of unscrewing the top in order to loop the tow strap. The addition of the BOLT lock located on the hook itself prevents the pin used to attach the hook to the vehicle from moving freely when locked. Using BOLT lock technology, the new Locking Recovery Hook will be the first locking hook on the market.


How BOLT Lock Works


Please select the Monster Hook or Bow Shackle for your vehicle, please selece the colour options for each product on the product desciption page. If you don't have a 7/8" Tow Hitch, we have one available to go with your Monster Hook or Shackle.


  • Monster Hammerhead Hook

    Monster Hammerhead Hook

    The MONSTER Hammerhead Hook is precision Machined 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Rated at 16,000 lbs 3:1 Safety Factor. Available in Black, Blue, Grey and Red Colour Finishes.

    RRP $314.95

    RRP $314.95

  • Monster Reaper Bow Shackle

    Monster Reaper Bow Shackle

    The MONSTER Bow Shackle is made from 4140 forged, heat treated steel, Our shackles are stronger than any equivalent size shackle in the industry. Available in Black and Clear Colour Finishes.

    RRP $209.95

  • Monster Swivel Hook

    Monster Swivel Hook

    The MONSTER HOOK swivel hook is the only recovery hook that is capable of mounting on a clevis or shackle bumper tabs. It is designed for quick and efficient strap connection. Available in Aluminium, Black, Red and Silver Colour Finishes.

    RRP $319.95

    RRP $319.95

  • Monster Tow Bar Hitch 50mm

    Monster Tow Bar Hitch 50mm

    The MONSTER Hook Hitch Pro 2.0 was designed to work hand in hand with the monster swivel hook, any standard 7/8" screw pin shackle and the monster reaper shackle as well. Available in Black, Blue, Orange and Red Colour Finishes.

    RRP $159.95