On-Tray Tool Boxes

Combining the perfect blend of strength, functional design and style, BOLT Lock Australia is able to provide the most secure Canopy and Tool Boxes in the market today. We use high quality materials specially manufactured to excel in the harsh and varied Australian climate. Whether it is tools, deliveries, waste or any other gear you need protected during transportation, BOLT Lock Australia have you covered.

BOLT Lock is a True Master Key System that works with the 1 key, which means you can use your car key to unlock your canopy or tool boxes. You have a choice of which key you want to use to unlock your locks. You can either use a key that we supply to set all your locks to or you can use your vehicle ignition key, this is available for select vehicle makes and models.

Use BOLT Lock Tool Boxes as they are or combine them to make a complete canopy with our modular tool box canopy solutions. Mix and match your choice of ute tool boxes to suit your vehicle tray size.


How BOLT Lock Works

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