Trayback Canopy

The BOLT Trayback Canopy is available in Single cab (2440mm x 1840mm) and Dual cab models (1840mm x 1840mm). Just like all our canopies, a wide range of options are available, in particular Windows, Roof Racks and various forms of ventilation.

The BOLT Trayback Canopies are strong, extremely durable and come with BOLT Lock Technology. BOLT Lock is a True Master Key System that works with the 1 key, which means you can use your car ignition key to unlock your canopy or tool boxes. You have a choice of which key you want to use to unlock your locks. You can either use a key that we supply to set all your locks to or you can use your vehicle ignition key, this is available for select vehicle makes and models.

All BOLT Canopies come with BOLT Lock Canopy Handle and once keyed, your canopy, drawers and tool boxes will only work with this one key, YOUR vehicle ignition key. Key Padlocks, Hitch Pin Locks, Trailer Locks, Bike and Ladder Cable Locks, to that same key, so you don't have any extra keys to carry around.

BOLT Trayback Canopy Features

  • Heavy Duty Hand Laid Fibreglass Shell with a Textured Finish with a 110mm Raise in the roof,
  • Durable Resin Based UV Protected Gel Coat Exterior and Mould Resistant Flow Coat Interior,
  • Canopy Colour is White but there is a 2 Pack Colour Coding Option to match your vehicle's colour code,
  • Tempered 4mm safety glass all round with 30% Tinted Glass on the side and rear windows,
  • Sliding Front Window, so you can clean your cab window and allow ventilation,
  • Side Windows come with your choice of:
    • Lift Up Side Windows which come with the BOLT Lock Canopy Handle that work with the BOLT Key or YOUR vehicle ignition key,
    • Sliding Side Windows which has triple positioned locking for ventilation, security and come with flyscreens.
  • Gas Strut assisted Rear door with BOLT Lock Canopy Handle that work with the BOLT Key or YOUR vehicle ignition key,
  • BOLT Lock Canopy Handles have a Limited Life-Time Warranty.
    • If your canopy handles break through-out the normal use of the canopy, BOLT Lock Australia will replace them under warranty.
  • LED Interior Strip Light and High Level L.E.D Brake Light,
    • Moulded Roof Rack System, this allows the addition of a roof rack to your canopy,
    • Australian Made,
    • 3 Year Structural Warranty,
    • Full Spare Parts Backup Service Australia wide.
    • Available in Various Widths and Lengths - Australia's Widest Range of Tray back Canopies.

    Compatible Vehicles

    Although we currently have a limited range, BOLT Lock Australia is looking to expand further into the Australian Market. Currently our BOLT Trayback Canopy is compatible with the following vehicles:

    Don't have a Compatible Vehicle Ignition Key?

    These vehicles listed below are compatible with the BOLT Canopies but not with the ignition key, BOLT Lock Australia provides the key for the canopy which can be keyed to other BOLT Lock Products.


    To get a quote for a canopy specific to your vehicle and needs, please follow the link below and you will be able to quote a complete canopy with all the options and additional extras you want to have on there or you can contact BOLT Lock Australia to find out more information.

    CLICK HERE to obtain a quote on your new Custom Canopy with BOLT Lock Technology.



    How BOLT Lock Works


    Please select the Trayback Canopy for your vehicle and for the Isuzu Dmax, Mitsubishi Triton and VW Amarok, please see the BOLT Key Range, BOLT Lock Australia provides the key for these canopies which can be keyed to other BOLT Lock Products.

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